Saturday, May 27, 2017


It's Saturday afternoon in Shanghai and my flight to Dallas boards in an hour. Only 12 hours it looks. Great excitement and fun and research with Tim Byrnes at NYU Shanghai. Here is our farewell shot. 

We celebrate with sparkling grape juice!

When I arrived on Monday we made a to-do list and then when we pulled it up on Friday we could tick off many things, delete many things, and add new things. All in all in this two-week period we have either submitted or resubmitted or nearly submitted five refereed publications. Two per day!

Here are some parting shots of the NYU gang. 

Dr. Chandrasekar apparently has no limits.


The Qubit Caballero discovers inside is sticky rice filled with either sweet red-bean paste or savory meat paste.
It's Schrödinger's Dumpling!

Traditional last night dinner at the Wolf Factory.
Lamb shishkabops!

Last elevator ride. But where's Chenyu?

THERE she is!

Home in Baton Rouge for 24 hours then off AM Monday on a 24 hour flight to Okinawa where I'll visit OIST and the group of  fellow Irish person Sile Nic Chormaic (Sheila) along with our long-time collaborator, Irina Novikova at William & Mary College. We will discuss orbital angular momentum states of light interacting with nonlinear optical media! 

OIST! Rhymes with MOIST?
Stay tuned for #WIDOMSUMVAC — OKINAWA: DAY 1!

Thursday, May 25, 2017


We are coming into the home stretch and have at least two theory papers in the works with our collaborators for USTC as co-authors. One Physical Review A article on quantum metrology has been resubmitted. One Physical Review Letters article we are discussing the response to the referees. 

Responding to the referees.
Tomorrow is my last day and we'll hammer out a game plan for modelling the USTC boson-sampling experiment. Collaborations between Louisiana State University, NYU Shanghai, and the University of Science and Technology of China are underway! Alas I depart 4:10PM SAT27MAY Shanghai time for my 20 hour flight to Baton Rouge via Dallas. I arrive at the DFW airport at 4:45PM SAT27MAY — only 35 minutes after I took off! Gotta love that International Dateline! Then I get about 24 hours rest before I board my flight 9:03AM MON29MAY in Baton Rouge to begin my 24-hour flight to Okinawa!

A recap in photos of yesterday and today where I have commandeered the camera to show we actually work all day!

I knight you Sir
José Eduardo Cejudo Grano de Oro
The Qubit Cowboy!
(El Caballero Qubit!)
Don't Panic. Carry on.
Tim and USTC PhD student Zuen Su.

The pointer is mightier than the pen!

At the other Middle Eastern Restaurant — Shally Lally!

"It's not a REAL party until somebody starts talking about delta functions?"

LSU-USTC-NYU collaboration!
More traditional fold dancing to the music of Shakira.
(The hips may lie?)
A boy named Su!
Chenglong is happy to be back in his home country!

"No! No! No! I'm NOT marrying the HACKER!" --- Eric Song

Monday, May 22, 2017


Quantum thermodynamics: The fridge in my hotel room is contained in an
airtight box and food placed in it actually gets hotter and not colder.

My name in Chinese in Starbucks.
Today Tim's group hosted Mile Gu and his postdoc Jayne, from the Center for Quantum Technologies, at the National University of Singapore, and they both gave some quite interesting lectures on a quantum theory of the quantum version of the barbed arrow of time, which Gu calls, "Occam's Vorpal Quantum Razor: Memory Reduction When Simulating Continuous-Time Stochastic Processes With Quantum Devices." (And I had thought I'd cornered the market on buzzwords?) The idea is that you can model the arrow of time with a simple Turing-like machine and a few simple assumptions allows you to tell the past from the future.

Today was also my Co-PhD student's last day in Shanghai before heading home, and she presented Tim and I with roses in thanks of her time here. Prof. Gu was a bit confused and asked, "Do you have this rose ceremony at ALL of your group meetings?"

Dancing the Quantum Fandango
Then after the talks, in honor of Prof. Gu, off we went to a Chinese hot-pot restaurant where they seat you around a boiling cauldron and bring you meat and vegetables to boil for yourself for dinner. The roses accompanied us for the rest of the night but began to show their age as the festivities progressed. 

The pot is hot.
Chenglong won't sit down.
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.
One side makes you spicy
And one side makes you bland
And the middle ones fuwuyuan give you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When Bob's ten feet tall...
Tim and I woo the Meat Lady with our roses.

Mile Gu gets the last rose standing.
A rose by any other name would smell sweet?